Empowered Voices

Additional Projects



Creative Master Classes

Group sessions with participants and audience members that are focused on song interpretation, vocal technique, self confidence, and communication.

We encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones, support each other, and express themselves through improvisation, scene work and song. Confidence, storytelling, communication, artistic technique, and character development are the five main topics we incorporate into our inspirational performance workshops.

Private Coaching

Presentational, career, audition, and vocal coaching are offered to individuals or small groups who want to improve skill sets and focus on personal or professional development. 

Sometimes a one-on-one approach is preferred, and with individual coaching, we spend time working with participants on their personal performance and/or self-development goals. Whether they aim to improve their performance art (singing, dancing, acting), presentation techniques, social interactions, or other skill sets. Empowered Voices will tailor each session to the needs of the individual or small group.

Private lessons can be arranged for face-to-face or Skype.

Musical In Development

Resi: The Musical